King of Malifica – Resplendent


King of Malifica – Resplendent

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Height: 185mm
Base: 100mm round
Material: pure, unfilled resin

Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.
When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.


Before they can achieve a truly powerful form, the Kings of Malifica must pass a test of their abilities. Malifica demons avoid physical conflict wherever possible. Instead, they value intelligence in the form of deception and manipulation. To prove themselves, Kings and Queens of Malifica must infiltrate a lower dimension, and destroy entire cultures from within.

In an infiltrated universe, a King will conceal his horrific nature by assuming the guise of a native being. Using the memory imprints of that universe, combined with his powers of shapeshifting, he can construct a form that is appealing and trustworthy to the native species. In the assumed role of a prophet and savior, the King encourages zealotry and superstition among his followers. He nourishes their hatred and distrust until they savagely turn against their own kind, often slaughtering and sacrificing one another in his name. As the deceived destroy one another, the King is able to harvest the powerful energy of the chaos and confusion he has created, and store it in his crystalline heart.

When enough energy is harvested, the King of Malifica rapidly evolves. His followers will often gaze in awe as light begins to leak from his primitive form – a kaleidoscope of blindingly bright colors that did not previously exist within their visual spectrum. What emerges from this cocoon of energy is not the beatific god that they expected. Instead, a Resplendent King of Malifica – in his full demonic glory – bursts forth and falls upon his deluded worshippers in a tide of magical slaughter.

Resplendence is only temporary for the Kings of Malifica. The power required to sustain this form cannot be completely contained within their crystal hearts. The excess energy infuses the King, giving him powerful abilities, but is expended rapidly. A constant influx of essence harvested from the destruction of other lifeforms is the only way to maintain such power. Using his dimensional shunt, the Resplendent King will open portals to rapidly move across the planet, obliterating all life and leaving a barren wasteland in his wake. Such a tidal wave of death weakens the boundaries between this world and the demon dimension, allowing him to travel back to his home plane.

Without constant energy to fuel him, the Kings will adopt less powerful, but more enduring forms. A King in this more stable state is referred to as an Ascendant King. In battle, an Ascendant King will continually consume the energy of not only his enemies, but the fallen demons of his faction. While still a dangerous foe, he won’t unlock his true power until there is sufficient lifeforce to feed upon and overflow his crystal, igniting the spark of Resplendence.

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