Green Stuff 36inch

Green Stuff 36inch

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Kneadatite, also known as Green Stuff is an 2-part expoxy putty presented as a ribbon in a hard plastic case. This case helps prevent the product from going off. Typically doubling the shelf life.

When mixed evenly together the constituent parts (yellow and blue) will form a malleable and sculptable material. Simply cut horisontally across the ribbon and mix until a smooth green colour. Sculpt using tools for the desired finish. Over a period of 12-72 hours this will cure and harden. Once cured this can be used for the purpose of making a mould to cast or painted over like any plastic, metal or resin miniature.

Additionally you can:

Add more yellow (70/30) and the curing time will increase meaning you have an extended work time and softer media. Great for extra details.

Add more blue (30/70) will result in a harder material that cures faster. Ideal for gap filling where detail is largely irrelevant.

Please note: Green Stuff contains 3, 6-diazaoctanethylenediamin, which may produce an allergic reaction. A datachseet can be provided up requent.

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2 reviews for Green Stuff 36inch

  1. Jordan Ineson (verified owner)

    Does what it says on the tin, can’t fault it, plenty of moulding time and a solid finish.

  2. Thomas Bell (verified owner)

    Its green stuff… pretty much the same as any other type except it comes with a case! This is a big plus as it stops the green stuff going hard over time

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