Kogan (Resin)


Kogan (Resin)

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Expected Release: 22-12-2023
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Kogan is a force of unrelenting fury and ferocity, known for wielding a unique combination of weaponry with reckless abandon. Standing tall among his kin, Kogan’s imposing figure is a testament to his unwavering strength and battle-hardened spirit. Born into a tribe where combat prowess was a way of life, he displayed a relentless and fearless disposition from a young age.

Kogan’s signature weapons, a blunderbuss and bandsaw, are an extension of his very being. With the blunderbuss, he can unleash devastating short-ranged firepower, turning the battlefield into a storm of chaos with each shot. In close combat, his bandsaw cleaves through his foes with brutal precision, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Kogan’s mastery of these dual weapons allows him to excel as both a melee aggressor and a short-ranged damage dealer, making him a versatile and formidable combatant.

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