Legiones Astartes: Volkite Culverins, Lascannons & Autocannons


Legiones Astartes: Volkite Culverins, Lascannons & Autocannons

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This plastic upgrade kit can be used to equip Legionaries from the MKVI Tactical Squad set with powerful heavy weapons, suitable for use in a Legion Heavy Support Squad. The kit includes 10 volkite culverins, 10 autocannons, and 10 shoulder-mounted lascannons, along with arms suited to each weapon, allowing you to upgrade up to three Heavy Support Squads of 10 models, or six units of five models. Also included are four augury scanners which can be carried alongside a heavy weapon, allowing your Heavy Support Squads to detect and eliminate enemy units.

This upgrade kit comprises 160 plastic components and is designed to be assembled with the MKVI Tactical Squad set, which is sold separately. These components are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.

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1 review for Legiones Astartes: Volkite Culverins, Lascannons & Autocannons

  1. Luke (verified owner)

    A hugely good value kit, so much better than the old forge world offering. Fits perfectly on the Mk6 kits and will fit with some cutting on the MK4 and Mk3 marines too. Not all the weapons translate perfectly between all the poses so it’s important to get the right arms for each pose.

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