Legions Imperialis: Solar Auxilia Infantry


Legions Imperialis: Solar Auxilia Infantry


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This multipart plastic kit builds 104 epic scale Solar Auxilia miniatures, split over 26 bases. From the lasrifle-toting tercios of Auxilia troopers to the elite axe-wielding Veletarii, the Solar Auxilia stand ready to take and hold objectives through firm discipline and sheer weight of numbers. Supported by the likes of Legate Commanders, flamer squadrons, the massive Charonite Ogryns, and Aethon Heavy Sentinels, they pack a deadly punch for anyone that underestimates the worth of mortal soldiery.

The set includes 104 miniatures, broken down into:

– 2x Legate Commander bases, which can also be built as Auxilia Tactical Command bases
– 8x Auxilia bases
– 4x Veletarii bases
– 4x Auxiliaries with Flamers bases
– 4x Charonite Ogryn bases
– 4x Aethon Heavy Sentinels
– 26x Legions Imperialis 25mm Round Bases

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

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