Maggot Demon

Maggot Demon

Expected Release: 06-10-2023


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Maggot Demon is a hideous and tortured being. A walking biological weapon, the source of his power is also his curse. Maggot Demon carries within him a ravenous hive that perpetuates a constant cycle of birth, hunger, disease, and death. His pole scythe contains a hypnotic beacon that lures mortals to him. The unclean miasma–generated by the hive–weakens Maggot Demon’s foes and leaves them easy pickings for him and his parasitic companions. As they feed, the hive becomes a blur of activity, vastly increasing his power even as they devour and tunnel through his body.

The constant pain and suffering has turned Maggot Demon into a dangerous foe. His apparently crippled form masks his extremely tough and resilient nature. The hunger of the hive drives him ever onward and imbues him with surprising strength.

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