Marcus (Resin)


Marcus (Resin)

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Expected Release: 22-12-2023
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Sir Marcus has weathered the passing of six decades with unyielding fortitude and a proud, indomitable spirit. His imposing frame, even in the twilight of his years, exudes the commanding presence of a warrior seasoned by countless battles. Clad in the finest plate mail, Marcus carries a massive kite-shaped shield that has deflected innumerable threats, and his form remains as robust and unyielding as it was three decades ago. He is the embodiment of an unyielding winter, with a countenance marked by pale skin, deep blue eyes that seem to pierce the very soul, and a cascade of white hair that gleams like fresh-fallen snow.His unwavering commitment to his duty, his fierce resolve, and his icy determination make him a formidable and revered figure on the battlefield, inspiring both fear and admiration among those who stand alongside or against him.

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