Naias (Resin)


Naias (Resin)

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Expected Release: 22-12-2023
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As a Priestess of Ecstasy, Naias was renowned for her dedication to unholy ritual and bloody sacrifice for the entertainment of her impetuous god. Where once she had many a willing victim of her torture, the plane of Mideon has only unwilling participants. But this does not phase her in the slightest, in fact the resistance to her razor sharp caress has become an addictive thrill.

Naias is an agile opponent who surrounds herself with poisonous vapors, making her deadly and hard to hit in melee combat. However, her true calling is to harvest the souls of the sacrificed, something that serves her well on the plane of Mideon where she applies her skills to the ritual destruction of all opposing Heroes. It is only here that she can bathe in the soul essence of others, and there is no sensation more intoxicating to her.

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