Pro Acryl – Glaze and Wash Medium – 120ml


Pro Acryl – Glaze and Wash Medium – 120ml


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Expected Release: 28-02-2024
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Pro Acryl Glaze & Wash Medium is the perfect way to amplify your entire paint collection! Simply mix in your favorite color to create glazes, washes, and filters of any type. It has a thicker consistency to allow you to control it better on surfaces, but can also be thinned with water to get to any viscosity you like. Dries to a matte finish.

For glazes, start with 4 parts medium to 1 part paint. Adding more medium will further reduce the opacity of the color you add, while reducing will allow more of the color to show on the model.

For washes, start with the same 4 parts medium and 1 part paint, but then add an equal amount of water as medium to allow the mixture to flow across the surface of the model and settle in recesses for shading and filtering entire surfaces. Reducing the amount of water used will allow for more control when placing the paint in smaller areas, while increasing the thinning will reduce the overall intensity of the coloring.

Glaze & Wash Medium will slightly extend the dry time of your paint as you apply it, so wait for each layer to be dry to the touch before adding more paint over it.

Please Note:

  • One Pro Acryl – Glaze and Wash Medium – 120ml is supplied.

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