Scourge Slayer / Tormentor Heavy Grav-Tanks


Scourge Slayer / Tormentor Heavy Grav-Tanks


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The Scourge’s Heavy Grav-Tanks bring terrible weaponry to bear, and not all of it is from the guns. They also have another, no less frightening trick up their sleeves. Inside their armoured bowels is a set of habi-tubes, able to cage a trio of lethal Razorworms. These predatory Scourge hosts are living weapons, released near occupied buildings where they then root out and eviscerate stubbornly dug in enemy troops.

The Slayer is the Scourge’s premier heavy tank equivalent, an offensive powerhouse of matchless anti-armour firepower. Armed with a pair of lethal plasma cannons, vehicle kills are virtually assured. Although somewhat slower than the Hunter, it is still more than capable of running rings round the armoured units of more primitive races. Possibly even more terrifying than its predatory cargo is its repulsive weapon system. The shocking acid streamer spurts an appallingly noxious substance, which can degenerate biological matter to mire in microseconds. This is disgorged from a flexible trunk, allowing the substance to be injected into buildings, where it quickly sublimes into a lethal gas.

Scourge Heavy Grav-Tanks are the bane of enemy commanders. With Evasive Countermeasures and an absurd 3 Damage Points, these tanks are very hard to shift. Add to that their complement of Razorworms, and they become a multi-purpose unit.

The Slayer is armed with a Twin Plasma Cannon, offering literally twice as much firepower as its little sister the Hunter. Devastator-2 against scenery and infantry helps make this a difficult unit to face since it can destroy basically anything with relative ease.

The Tormentor’s Acid Streamer plays a very different role, acting as a supreme anti-infantry weapon. With 8 Shots and the Flame special rule, it’ll be able to deal with dug-in infantry with no trouble. Acid into a Garrison then expel your Razorworms to deal with the survivors – it’s a great tactic that many will be afraid of!

Contains 4 resin miniatures with the choice of weapons to make 2 Slayers or 2 Tormentors. These miniatures are highly detailed, approximately 62mm in length. Also contains 2 bases of 3 Razorworms

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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