Shaltari Aaru Jaguar / Coyote Warstrider


Shaltari Aaru Jaguar / Coyote Warstrider


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The Aaru theatre of war has been in a holding pattern for a long time. The Cradle World is heavy with human Resistance fighters, busying the Scourge war effort. However, the Shaltari have been seen fighting in increasing numbers, which is rare for the alien race. While they usually favour hit and run tactics with almost piratical forces, their continued assault on Aaru suggests that the system has something of value.

With the increased attacks, the Resistance forces are beginning to see increasingly varied classes of vehicle, most particularly a four-legged variant of the common warstrider. Whether this is a counter to close-up Resistance and Scourge tactics or not is unknown, but the added redundancy of the four-legged Aaru Warstrider certainly helps the platform stay in the fight for longer.

Most commonly the Jaguar is seen, which ties in with UCM observations. With its Gauss Cannon pair and pair of Ion Cannons it is a very versatile vehicle, simultaneously dangerous to ground and air targets. Less common is the Coyote, which trades anti-air firepower for a command module, all the better for observing and directing the flow of battle.

The Aaru Warstrider is a special variant of the standard Warstrider. With structurally incorporated weapons and an extra leg, its reliability outweighs its expense for Shaltari forces. This alternate design for the Jaguar and Coyote is equally survivable with 4 Damage Points and 5+ Passive save.

The Jaguar is the equivalent of a Kukri and two Tomahawks, so if you like consistent damage dealing, this is the Warstrider for you! With Twin Ion Cannons for AA fire and two Gauss Cannons to deal with even the toughest ground targets (Energy 10 and a great range), it can do a bit of everything.

Alternatively with a simple turret swap this kit can build the Coyote. Swapping AA shots for a Command Module, this HQ choice is super-survivable, and not just because it’s on a Warstrider body! The Command Module itself ejects after the Coyote is destroyed, meaning the Commander can survive to direct the battle. Just be sure to get something in to protect the module since it’ll be a prime target for your opponent!

Contains 1 resin miniature with a choice to make an Aaru Jaguar or Coyote. These miniatures are highly detailed, approximately 40mm in height.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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