Space Marines: Primaris Repulsor Executioner


Space Marines: Primaris Repulsor Executioner

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Both a powerful frontline battle tank and armoured transport, the Repulsor Executioner mounts a fearsome macro plasma incinerator or heavy laser destructor in its turret mount. Alongside this devastating main armament, the Repulsor Executioner also carries a formidable array of weapons to ensure that its passengers can be transported to the frontlines with little disruption from enemy units.


The most heavily armed battle tank available to the Adeptus Astartes, the Repulsor Executioner is armed with a choice of murderously powerful, primary turret-mounted weapon – a macro plasma incinerator or heavy laser destructor – supported by a coaxial heavy onslaught gatling cannon. Add to that two krakstorm grenade launchers, two storm bolters, a twin Icarus ironhail heavy stubber, an ironhail heavy stubber as well as a hull-mounted twin heavy bolter and your Repulsor Executioner certainly won’t be lacking for firepower! You can supplement this offensive capability with a set of defensive auto launchers and even an Icarus rocket pod for further aerial protection.


This multipart plastic kit is comprised of 150-components. It can be assembled with or without a gunner, who can be built scanning with an auspex or with his hands on the trigger of the pintle-mounted ironhail heavy stubber. There are also eight separate pieces of optional stowage and two antennae that can be used to decorate the vehicle as desired. The kit is supplied with a Citadel 100mm Round Base and clear hover stand, which can be set at an angle, adding a certain degree of camber to your model.

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  1. ShadowsOfIntent (verified owner)

    Beautiful model, looks epic on the table, who doesn’t like a big gun :).

    Points to make, the front armour panels at the sides might not meet perfectly so plastic glue and elastic bands will help to reduce any gaps, mine worked out well with is method (plenty of Youtube guides on this). Can magnetise parts or glue them down, the cannons may need a bit of clipping and puttying if applying magnets but it will be worth it in the end. Now buy it and blast away those Tyranids.

  2. Maciver22 (verified owner)

    This is such an awesome bit of kit ideal for adding firepower to your army for taking down many things with its array of all its guns yes it’s a lot of points but personally I would say it’s worth it for what it does….really fun model to build!!

  3. Alex Broadfoot (verified owner)

    Great model fun to build and paint, well worth buying

  4. Alex Broadfoot (verified owner)

    Great fun to build, though did take some elbow grease due to left side not meeting up perfectly, still worth building and looks fantastic once painted

  5. Alex Broadfoot (verified owner)

    did take some elbow grease due to left side not meeting up perfectly, still worth building and looks fantastic once painted

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