Spray can holders


Spray can holders


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Expected Release: 30-11-2023
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Spray can holders are tools designed to help modelers and hobbyists organize their aerosol paints. This type of furniture is made of high-quality MDF wood and has a modular design to fit specific needs and available space, they will optimize workspace utilization by storing cans in an orderly manner, especially beneficial in smaller work areas. Their design will allow for clear visibility enabling modelers to quickly find the color or type of color they need.

Additionally, storage in spraycan racks minimizes the risk of falling over or being knocked off, which is important in a hobby involving precise and delicate components. This not only ensures safety and stability but also prevents loss or damage to the cans. For enthusiasts with a large collection of aerosols, these pieces of furniture also aid in effective inventory management, making it easier to keep track of supplies and identify when they are running low. 

The capacity of this aerosol spray can holder can hold 8 standard aerosols of 400ml each. This allows users to store a range of different 400ml bottles, including base coats, spray primers, and specialty paints like metallics, chameleon colorshift, or varnish sprays.

One of the key benefits is its modular design which allows it to be fully combined horizontally and vertically with other Green Stuff World paint racks to create custom storage solutions that fit a variety of spaces. This makes them ideal for small workspaces where every inch of storage counts.

This spraycan rack is delivered unassembled, but they are designed to be easy to put together. They come with all the necessary instructions and can be assembled in just a few minutes.

Overall, an aerosol can rack is a useful tool for modelers and hobbyists who want to keep their paints organized and easily accessible. Its customizable and modular design offers streamlined storage solutions, enhancing the efficiency of your workflow and adding more enjoyment to your hobby.

Capacity: 8x 400ml bottles.
Size: 30x28x8.2cm

* This item does not include any aerosols. Assembly is required for this product, and instructions for assembly are provided. 
* As wood is a natural, organic material, it may exhibit variations in color or finish. These differences are not regarded as flaws in the item.

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