Team Yankee Canadian Dice Set


Team Yankee Canadian Dice Set


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Includes 20 Canadian themed gaming dice.

Sergeant Jackson observed the column of T-72s rolling up to a village occupied by infantry from Alpha Company. He counted six tanks, all Czech T-72s. He radioed the commander of the other M150, and connected to the pair of American Cobras on overwatch, loitering nearby.

“Reaper 1, this is 55, armour column bearing 110 degrees, Over”

“Copy Five-Five, we have the lead Tango Seven Two,” replied the commander of the Cobra flight.

“Five-Five Brovo, this is Five-Five Alpha, fire on my order,” Jackson paused, “3, 2, 1 Fire!”

With the call, both M150s and the Cobras let loose TOW missiles, three of the four finding their mark and destroying the targeted T-72s. The M150s immediately retreated into the woodline, and the Cobras hightailed it out of the area. This allowed the infantry that were hiding in the village to destroy the remaining T-72s. Although the battle was small, it was Canada’s first real victory of the Third World War.

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