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Ticket to Ride

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Ticket to Ride, from Days of Wonder, is one of the ultimately simple yet deep gateway games that continues to prove its place in the world of gaming. 

In Ticket to Ride two to five players compete against each other to earn the most victory points, by placing train routes across the United States of America. Points depend on the length of the train route played, the longer the better. Routes are claimed by collecting and playing coloured cards that match the colour of the routes across the map. As the game progresses, the map starts to become crowded and the game cane become more cut throat as players start to cut each other off or try to; why is this important?

Players get tickets that link two cities on the map, if the player with the ticket gets to link them together, then at the end of the game more points are awarded, however, if the player cannot link them together the points are taken off and you can’t discard the tickets that you decide to keep. So, having a watchful eye on your opponents to see where you can head them off or where they might head you off is key to victory.

Ticket to Ride is already a classic in gaming that has won endless awards and sold millions of copies worldwide suitable for newcomers to the hobby and gaming veterans alike.

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