Tokens – Green Warpstones


Tokens – Green Warpstones


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Discover the magical essence that will power your board gameplay with this incredible Warpstones. These mystical stones, similar to the legendary Warpstones that the Warhammer Skaven have sought for millennia, act as a multi-functional token, allowing you to keep precise control of your characters’ lives and enhance their abilities. Made from high-quality materials and meticulously crafted, these stones become a coveted item in your tabletop games, capable of changing the course of the game in an instant. As your characters unlock their secrets, you can unleash their power to gain surprising strategic advantages. Explore a world of possibilities and make every game an unforgettable experience with them by your side.

The cunning and ambitious Skaven have always pursued Warpstones in their quest for power. Now, you too can harness the magical power of the stones to enhance your strategies and achieve victory in your favorite board games – get your board game tokens today and unleash the magical power in your games!

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Dimensions: 14x11x9 mm

Content: 40 x Gaming tokens

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