Tzeentch Arcanite Tzaangors

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The Avian beasts of the Tzeentch have allowed themselves to be willingly warped into shapes and forms pleasing to the Architect of Fate. They wait and watch for a time where their hidden cunning and intellect gives them the best chance of changing the hinges of battle. Eager to impress their God, they fight with lunatic energy in the hopes that they will bestowed with even more gifts of change.


This multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need in order to create 10 Tzaangors covered from head to foot in the symbolism you would expect. This kit contains a huge amount of customisation options for you to transform them into a unit that is truly unique. 24 different heads, 12 blades and shields, 12 sets of axes. If wished some of the models can be assembled into different units such as 2 Mutants, 2 Icon bearers, or 2 Twistbrays.


10 x Tzaangors

10 x 32mm Citadel Bases.

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