WFRP: Archives of the Empire Vol. 3


WFRP: Archives of the Empire Vol. 3

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Isabella, inmate of the Great Hospice and, if she is to be believed, sister to the Emperor, has compiled a new treatise on diverse matters of import and interest to the folk of the Empire. It seems Isabella has turned her mind to the concerns of business and the practice of obscure religions (or, in the case of the cult of Handrich, a bit of both!). Her research into ancient beliefs has led her to ruminate on the similarities and distinctions between the cult of the Old Faith, the worship of Rhya, and the practice of hedge witchery, including updated material on the background of such traditions, and the techniques used by their priests and practitioners. 

She ruminates on how adventurers with a bit of cash to spare might branch out into legitimate business, and how such decisions may lead to further adventures in turn. She has also turned her attention to the trade of the armourer, and considers the problems and benefits involved in a suit of armour. She also turns her attention back to matters in Ubersreik, detailing the personality and attributes of one Lord Adalbert Knopp-Itzel, a semi-retired knight of the Reiksguard who seems set on restoring the reputation of the Jungfreuds.

Archives of the Empire: Volume III is a diverse collection of fascinating articles. This time Isabella turns her attention to the activities of merchants, and the folk worship common to many rural corners of the Empire. Several minor faiths are explored in new detail, and forgotten beliefs brought under scrutiny. The archive contains:

  • Legitimate Business Enterprises. A guide to setting up a business enterprise in the Empire, with detail on how to make a profit and grow from humble beginnings to a mighty concern.
  • The Cult of Handrich, God of Trade. Merchants throughout the old world seek Handrich’s blessing in their dealings, but his cult is a new one, and his priests are rarely encountered outside of Marienburg.
  • Folk Worship and Hedge Magic. The beliefs and traditions of those who live in the rural areas of the Empire are given scrutiny. The Old Faith is a tradition of the ancient folk who lived before the coming of Sigmar, and which has now faded in relevance and power. The practice of hedge magic is described in detail, with several new spells. Minor gods, such as Khaine are discussed.
  • The Cult of Solkan, God of Vengeance. Whilst he is a mostly forgotten deity, whose puritanical creed is too stringent and uncompromising for most folk, Solkan promises aid to those who seek to wreak divine retribution.
  • The Cult of Rhya, Goddess of Fertility. Beseeched by those who till the soil and tend the sheep, Rhya may seem a distant deity by the folk of the Empire’s cities, but in the country to understand her ways often makes the difference between life and death.
  • Rules Updates and Additions. The archive also includes new rules for different designs of armour, more minor magical effects, animal familiars for witches and wizards, updated starting skills and talents for Characters from the various districts of Altdorf, and Lord Adalbert Knopp-Itzel, a quixotic champion of the Jungfreud cause.

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