WWIII: British Forces Book


WWIII: British Forces Book


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Expected Release: 27-02-2020
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With its usual professionalism, the British Army had prepared for war. Now, as the Soviet Army flooded across the border into West Germany, it was ready and waiting. Fox, Scorpion and Scimitar recon vehicles skirmished with the Soviet forward detachments as the Challenger and Chieftain armoured regiments waited. The infantry held the towns and woods, forcing the enemy into killing zones, new Warrior infantry fighting vehicles in fire support. If anything broke through, the airmobile troops in their Lynx helicopters would hold them. The British Army is ready.

  • Background on the British Army, and the 1st and 3rd Armoured Divisions
  • Instructions on how to build a Challenger or Chieftain Armoured Squadron, Warrior and FV432 Mechanised Companies, Airmobile Company, Medium and Wheeled Recce Squadrons.
  • Four Scenarios to test your skills.
  • A detailed painting guide.

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