Zhim’gigrak (Resin)


Zhim’gigrak (Resin)

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Once the powerful necromancer Zaron, he shed both his name and his mortality to become the immortal Lich Zhim’gigrak. The cold touch of death fundamentally changed his personality, stripping away ambition and replacing it with frozen malevolence.

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Zhim’gigrak is the name Zaron Bogdan assumed once he ascended from his mortal self to the realm of the undead in a forgotten Athien timeline. With the aid of his trusty assistant, Styx, Zaron was able to capture his soul immediately upon dying, stopping its journey to Mideon. Years later, in the frozen wastes of northern Athien, Styx was able to “revive” his master and Zhim’gigrak, the first undead to walk among the mortals of Athien, was born.

He prefers the predictable and unchanging state of undead and wishes to see the entire world held in the stasis of undeath. The anarchy and ambition of his former self disgusts him to no end, and he now strives only to bring death wherever possible.

Some whisper that a timeline exists in which Zhim’gigrak achieved his goal, wiping out all life of Athien. If that is true Zhim’gigrak’s only goal in fighting on the plane of Mideon would be to see all timelines become nothing more than an unchanging undead wasteland.

Contents: Resin Zhim’gigrak ( parts), 1 Resin Token (Unholy Tether) Material: pure, unfilled resinModel is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the materi

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