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You don’t have to hunt for all the goodies at The Outpost this Easter. Some of them we’ll be offering up on a plate in this blog!

That being said, there is actually an Easter egg hunt this weekend in store!

Opening Hours & Our Alcohol Licence!

So we’ve extended our opening hours for Easter, including being open for the Bank Holiday Monday!

Tables are filling up fast so get in touch with the team to reserve a space if you wanna come down and play.

If you’re just going to pop in to pick up some hobby goodness instead of filling up with chocolate (or “as well as” if you’re anything like me) then you can enter our Easter Egg hunt and be in with a chance to win some great prizes including TWO ARMY BOXES! one Kroot Hunting Party and one Solar Auxilia Battle Group.

We’ve also got our alcohol licence approved, so we’re now selling beer and cider at the bar. We’ve got a great collection to start with, but if there is something you’d like us to stock then let the team know and we’ll look into it.

This Week’s Pre-Orders!

A new season of Warhammer Underworlds arrives this week with Wintermaw.

Two warbands try to out-crazy each other as sigmarite electro-lads face off against the “we’re really chivalrous knights, not ghouls… honest”

Regardless, none of these combatants are dressed for the weather in Wintermaw, we’re sure their mothers would be very cross at them.

Even more great-looking Underworlds warbands, ready to be played in Underworlds, or as great modelling projects.

Some great Legion Imperialis expansion packs hit Pre-Orders this week, for Astates, Solar Auxilia, and Adeptus Titanicus!

A great spread of reinforcements hits the website this Saturday. Drop pods and Land raiders for Astates forces, Arvus Lighters and Medusa/Basilisks for Solar Auxilia, and Warhounds and Dire Wolves from the Titanicus.

Looking to start playing this epic tabletop game? We’ve got the 2 player starter set in stock and ready to pick up with these expansion packs!

All this blog was taken from an email our newsletter subscribers got earlier in the week!

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