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A Clash Of Green Vs Gold

There couldn’t be two more contrasting factions facing off in Pre-orders later this week!

We’ve got Battleforces, Combat Patrols, Codexs, Dice, and Datasheet Cards!

First up there’s the pristine elite guards of the Custodes, shining examples of… being big and shiny, with cool capes and plumes and stuff.

Together with the Codex, Dice, and Datasheet Cards, there are TWO army boxes!

Battleforce: Auric Champions, perfect for anyone starting a new Custodes army AAAANNDD it comes with senior wide-load, the new Shield Captain!

Combat Patrol: Adeptus Custodes, designed for games of smaller scale Combat Patrol, or to boost your existing Custodes.

On the other side there’s the massed hordes of ever so slightly psychic Orks, showing the true power of self-belief… making big shootas shoot, fling grots across the battlefield, and other highly useful things.

Another two army boxes for the Orks with the Codex, Dice, and Datasheet Cards.

Battleforce: Stompa Boyz, crams in a chunky warband, enough minds to make that hunk of trash stompa to work. All led by the new Big Mek!

Combat Patrol: Orks, again designed for games of smaller-scale Combat Patrol, or to add a force of Beast Snagga Orks to the Stompa Boyz!

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