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TCG Pre-Orders!

There’s enough new TCG pre-orders from the past week to build a sizable house of cards. And we don’t mean on of the pyramid things to pass the time, we mean an actual house!*

A handful of upcoming release for Magic: The Gathering as the next Pokemon release.

*this would have terrible structural stability, and be terrible to live in, but you get the point, there’s a lot.

Pokemon TCG

First Up, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Twilight Masquerade!

We’ve got a handful of products up for pre-order for release at the end of May.

Alongside the Elite Trainer Boxes and Booster packs there will also be the Premium Checklane and 3-packs.

Magic: The Gathering

Next up is MTG and the sets due for release from now until August! BUT FIRST…

…we have to spend a minute adoring Mabel (and pretty much all the art from the Bloomburrow set)

We cannot, and will not, get over how cute this art is.

Giving me some Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor vibes from Lorcana.

April sees Outlaws of Thunder Junction hit the shelves with the return of the Planeswalker Oko at the head of a nefarious cowboy gang.

And as we head into the summer the releases ramp up in speed with June’s Modern Horizons 3, July’s Assasin’s Creed Universes Beyond set, and August’s BLOOMBURROW!!

You can pre-order these releases now to ensure we get exactly what you want in the store.

TCG have been a relatively recent addition to the main line product we stock, and we’re paying close attention to what you’re looking for us to stock and pick up on release day.

In the meantime check out the events we put on in store.

We’re constantly adding new events alongside our weekly themed gaming nights.

Pop down for Throwdown Thursdays and play Star Wars: Unlimited, or join in with Friday Night Magic.

We regularly have draft and constructed events, along with pre-release and release events with great players to go up against and loads of prize support.

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