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What’s On The Hobby Horizon In 2024

More releases, more products, more hobby

The Sunday Preview

Last Sunday’s Preview highlighted just how full of heroes and incredible miniatures the Age of Sigmar is.

Coming to pre-orders soon, this collection of big-based beauties will be released on their own for the first time.

An awesome addition to their respective AoS forces, or just a brilliant painting project.

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A new chapter of Disney’s Lorcana has it’s ink drying before it hits the shelves!

Available through our webstore right now, you can pre-order your fill of Chapter 3: Into The Inklands. From Gift Boxes to Booster Packs there are cards to fit every need.

Into The Inklands will change up the way you play, bringing the all new “location cards”!

The number of Disney properties also continues to grow, with the always popular DuckTales, TaleSpin, and (my personal favourite) Treasure Planet!

We’ve been adding an absolute ton of Green Stuff World products to our store over the past few weeks in preparation for your new 2024 hobby projects.

From pigments, magnets, and etched brass all the way to tufts and cases the GSW products should have your need covered.

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