Aeronautica Imperialis: Imperial Navy Valkyrie Assault Carriers


Aeronautica Imperialis: Imperial Navy Valkyrie Assault Carriers


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Usually attached to the Astra Militarum, Valkyrie Assault Carriers transport troops directly to the front lines. Capable of hovering in place to provide fire support, they are also able to take on enemy aircraft with a mix of weaponry that can be easily swapped out depending on the mission requirements.


This box allows you to build Valkyrie Assault Carriers armed with a lascannon or multi-laser. Alternatively they can be built as Vendetta Assault Carriers armed with twin lascannons. They can both be armed with additional lascannons and rocket pods. The ability to hover, plus transport troops, makes them perfectly suited for scenarios in which you pick up or drop off soldiers, as well as engaging ground targets with strafing runs.

The set includes:

– 4 plastic Astra Militarum Valkyrie Assault Carrier miniatures (can also be built as Vendetta Assault Carriers)
– 4 Aeronautica Imperialis bases (each base designates the model’s front, rear and side arcs, has speed and altitude dials as well as a clear stand to connect the aircraft to the base)
– 1 Valkyrie Squadron transfer sheet

The rules for using these miniatures in games of Aeronautica Imperialis can be found in both Aeronautica Imperialis: Skies of Fire and the Taros Air War Campaign Book.

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  1. ShadowsOfIntent (verified owner)

    Lovely models, perfect representation of the full scale 40k units and at a fraction of the price. Built mine as Vendetta gunships, great for use in Aeronautica and as scenery for Titanicus games.

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