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Shadow hounds of Mideon, enigmatic and elusive creatures, are among the rare true natives to this mystical realm. They inhabit the deep, shadowed corners of Mideon, thriving in the heart of a land. Gloom, the shadow hound clan leader, holds a particular distrust of the gods and their champions. Her notoriety for striking when least expected has caused the inhabitants of this plane to refer to Shadow Hounds incorrectly as Glooms, when really there is only one. These spectral creatures are not mere animals but sentient beings, seemingly forged from the very essence of the enigmatic and ever-shifting landscape they call home.

The shadow hounds of Mideon are beings of darkness and mystery. Their fur, if it can be called such, seems to shift and ripple like liquid shadow, adapting to the ambient light and the ever-changing landscape of their domain. Their eyes, sharp and piercing, gleam with a haunting intelligence that hints at a deep connection to the ancient ley lines of Mideon. These creatures are elusive and reclusive, avoiding the presence of gods or their champions directly, choosing to remain hidden in the obscurity of their shadowy realm until it is time to strike. They are the guardians of Mideon’s secrets, silent sentinels of the land’s untold mysteries, and they will tolerate no intrusion upon their domain.

Gloom is a Level 1 melee monster whose mechanics are easy to understand.

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