Queen of Malifica

Queen of Malifica

Expected Release: 06-10-2023


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“What am I, you ask?

Such a curious question. Have you not been seeking knowledge? Seeking power? You have found it, mortal, for I am knowledge and I am power.

Each step you have taken has brought you closer and closer to this moment. Your delvings into the forbidden, your arcane conjurations, and most importantly, your little helpers. Each summoned whisper, each secret learned, and each bargain made . . . all just additional steps in your journey.

What am I, mortal? I am the path you have been walking and the beacon that draws you. I am the reef in shallow waters and the flame that burns the moth. I am your past and your future. I am everything and nothing.

But really, you should not be so concerned with what I am, mortal. No. Your concern should be that I am here. That I am here, and that you have invited me. And now, you are mine.”

The Queen of Malifica is a terrifying being whose apparent serenity belies a deep, malevolent turmoil. Do not be fooled by her regal and beautiful female form, as this is but an extension of her true demonic self. Writhing and coiling tentacles make up most of her true body, and the face that she presents to the world is nothing more than an affectation that she can change or remove at will. Like all Demons of Malifica, the Queen struggles to maintain her physical form and requires an anchor to hold herself stable when in truespace. Her elaborate stone wings provide this foothold and, while being overly lavish and ornate, suit her purposes entirely. They complete the facade that she prefers to present. 

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