Space Marines Lieutenant Amulius


Space Marines Lieutenant Amulius

Expected Release: 31-10-2020


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Lieutenants act as the right hands of their Captains by providing tactical flexibility and helping to direct their battle-brothers in war. They are often entrusted with direct battlefield command of a demi-company or strike force; by handling the squad-level combat logistics of force coordination and acting as exemplary leaders, they free up their Captains to focus on the wider strategic picture of the entire war zone.l

A Primaris Lieutenant is an HQ choice for any Adeptus Astartes faction – including Blood Angels, Dark Angels and even the Space Wolves (for whom he fulfils the role of Primaris Battle Leader). He wields a melee-focussed combination of power sword and bolt pistol.

This multipart plastic model comes in 7 components and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Base. You’ll find the full rules for a Primaris Lieutenant in Codex: Space Marines.

Lieutenant Amulius was one of the event-exclusive miniatures for the 2019-2020 season, but in light of recent events, we’ve made it available for a limited period of time as part of our Made to Order service.

Lieutenant Armulius will be available to order between Saturday 28th March and Friday 10th April inclusive – and we’ll start shipping them out just as soon as we’re able to open our factory and warehouse once again.

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  1. ricksinthepub (verified owner)

    you want a primaris lieutenant – this one is as good as all the others, its a matter of which pose you like..

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