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Narrative Gaming Comes To The Fore This Week

Narrative wargaming to the fore this week with 40k pre-orders and 30k events.

The Sunday Preview

So the days of Chaos Space Marines being left out of releases and updates for years are over. Look at this big shiny box, full of minis as epic as they are traitorous… maybe.

And a new campaign book to add some new flavour to your games of 40k.

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Friday Nights are Crusade Night at The Outpost!

Instore or at your kitchen table, you can take part in the Chordant Crusade. Using our crusade pack and logging your game results through our website you can effect the course of the Heresy as the galaxy burns.

We’ve been told the upcoming Geonosian release for Star Wars Legion has been unexpectedly delayed. We’re chasing for an updated release date and will let you know as soon as we have one.

You can still pre-order yourself some separatists and we’ll ship them out when they are released.

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